Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another reason for OC around the house...

Looks like more excitement in the Ogville. It is well known that the downtown area has been on a rapid decline over the last number of years. Sure, Ogville is the armpit of Utah and is known for the gang activity, crime and such, but murders are that high on the list. So it was kind of surprising to hear about 'A man found dead in apartment'. Police aren't giving too many details on exactly what happened, but I feel that it is just another reason to keep OC'ing around the house. Heck, having the pistol on the hip is pretty much second nature now, but things like this just re-enforce the issue with me.

We had a visitor over at the house we hadn't seen in a number of years and she was kind of surprised that I cruise the house with a very large revolver strapped on. I explained that there are a lot of whacked out people in the world and gave her the standard, 'When seconds count the Ogville police are only half an hour(at least) away.' and pointed out this article above.

The way I look at it, a .45 cal. 250grain XTP to center of mass will change a lot of minds when push comes to shove.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something FREE for our troops!

Old NFO has a post up about Xerox and It is a site that you go pick out a card, put in where you're from and a message and they will send it to a troop overseas.

To parrot Old NFO, it's easy, free and only takes a few seconds to do. Our men and women that are out doing their duty would really appreciate more things from home and the benefit of positive and uplifting messages to them, especially at this time of year, cannot be understated.

Please, take just a moment and pop over, pick a card, add a message and send it off. It's kind of nice to see a corporation that is doing something like this to help our our troops.

Friday, December 18, 2009

People take the cake.. and pretty much anything else as well.

Found a story online...One that interested my quite a bit.

If you have studied World War II at all, you should be familiar with the Auschwitz concentration camp. Over the entrance to the camp hung a huge iron sign that read 'Arbeit macht frei'(Work Sets You Free). The sign is huge, heavy and I would think hard as hell to transport without someone noticing.

The story spoke about how it might have been a high end collector or something that would have paid to have it taken. Seriously? What would you do with it? It's not like you're going to hang it in your living room and have friends over to view your new piece of 'art' and what good does it do ya to steal something of that size and end up stashing it in a dark corner somewhere?

I swear, people are weird man.