Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glad to not be a Canadian...

Was browsing around and found a link to the story about the poor guy in Toronto who ordered and built a glock...out of Legos. Apparently a 'neighbour' who couldn't keep his nose in his own buiness saw the fearsome thing and called the police with a OMTGZ! MWAEG! MWAEG! (OH MY TEH GODZ! MAN WITH AN EVIL GUN! MAN WITH AN EVIL GUN!) call. Po-po responded in force and took the dangerous Lego-wielding man down. The article did state that the police did get a good laugh once then figured out that the gun was made of Legos though. Wonder if the poor guy who had the SWAT holding him at gunpoint got a good laugh out of it as well.

The article even stated that the 'neighbour' appeared later with a sign that read 'Sorry, it looked real'.

Are you serious?! Really? No, really? They get a MWAG call and respond with the SWAT and do not feel that it was overkill to do so? They don't even check out the complaint first, they just go right into SWAT mode? Poor Canadians, that must really suck to not have any basic trust from your own government. Then again, this is Canada we are talking about here.

I wonder how many calls the police get from the sad little 'neighbour' who is so involved in other peoples business that they feel the need to save the day.

Sure makes me glad that I live in a nice, backwoods place like Utah US of A, where we have rights, exercise them and usually do not have to worry about neighbors getting their panties all in a wad over something that shouldn't worry them in the first place.

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  1. "Sure makes me glad that I live in a nice, backwoods place like Utah"

    Have to agree with you there; I'm in West Valley City. A lot of flags flying here, the one next door to me even has the Gadsden flag out front. Lot of hunters around.